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Metro Atlanta Receivership Management

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Receivership Management

Don’t let a foreclosure, or the time leading up to legal action diminish the value of your interest in an investment property. You have the right to protect collateral in distressed loans through court appointed Receivership.

We are a leading Receivership Management Company in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan area. Our experienced, licensed and credentialed professionals will develop both short and long-term management plans that will assure the highest returns possible on the assets.

Our services during Receivership protect and increase the value of collateral assets.

Property Depot's Receivership Management will protect your collateralized real estate assets from deterioration and waste, while preserving lender interest in investment properties with distressed loans.

Your interests will be cared for with consideration of the property, tenants and current ownership, while stabilizing and enhancing asset values.
Receivership Management

Experience excellence in Receivership Management

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Lender Empowerment

Lenders are not in the business to manage properties and many are reluctant to foreclose because they do not have a management system in place.
Property Depot empowers lenders to outsource management with a system to manage their collateral while maintaining its value.

Preserve Value/Time

Receivership Management can greatly reduce the lag time between taking ownership and selling a collateral asset, by using the foreclosure time to prevent waste and decline, maintain, preserve and possibly improve a property.

Prevent Deterioration

Receivership Management will assure the property is professionally managed throughout a foreclosure, with constant upkeep and maintenance, minimizing risk inherent with unpaid bills, liens, tenant abuse or ownership misuse of revenue.

High ROI

Effectively preserving your collateral with Receivership Management will ensure the highest return on a property or loan sale.
Outsourcing management is capital well spent and the fees associated in Property Depot’s Receivership Management are offset by greater gains upon disposition.

Know Your Rights

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It's Your Right

As lenders, you have the right to protect your collateral with a third party appointment from a court, to ensure the continued and successful operations of an investment property. Property Depot will work with you to stabilize distressed properties.

Our Services

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Property Depot works with lenders through the court to protect assets and manage properties. We have proven results and are a leader in Receivership Management in the Atlanta Metro area. The services we provide as the receiver are too numerous to list, but here are just a few:
  • Works for the best interest of the property and reports directly to the court

  • Protect and preserve assets with independent, third party management

  • Tenant friendly services, focused on re-establishing confidence and care

  • Management of all day-to-day operations

  • Solicitation and management of contractors, vendors and other third party agreements

  • Controlled payables, with restructuring of payable streams when needed

  • Provide specific recommendations for extraordinary maintenance requirements

  • Goals, policies and needs of the court, secured creditors and borrowers are administered efficiently and promptly

  • Effective management after the receivership period to continue property management


Foreclosure is a legal proceeding and an advanced notice to a borrower that they could lose ownership of a property in default.

The legal system can be difficult and foreclosure could take a long time to complete. The borrower will then have ample time to generate income with no payment to the Lender while having use of the property with little upkeep and maintenance cost.

The borrower can create serious damage to the reputation of the property and can sell, exchange, destroy or dispose of collateral assets such as furniture, fixtures, computers and critical operational equipment. The results could be the loss of thousands of dollars in value on the mortgaged property.

The appointment of a Court Appointed Receiver to protect, preserve and/or operate the mortgaged asset is the quickest, least expensive and most efficient method to insure that the lender will recover the collateral in the best possible condition.
Foreclosure Receivership Management